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Adora Healthy Living - About Us

Adora Healthy Living is a family run business started by owner, Dora. From her teenage years onwards Dora had various ailments of allergies and digestive issues. After many years of seeing mainstream medicine doctors and specialists, and having endless tests, she was not getting any answers or solutions. She then took it upon herself with her father, Bob, to do their own research to find a solution, along the way seeking help from various naturopaths and learning an incredible amount. Dora’s previous career was 14 years in Interior Design, including a few years working overseas, (so she designed her own store). Although eventually she started to follow her other passion, left interiors and started studying Nutrition. She then opened the health food shop Adora Healthy Living in Potts Point, and is currently doing a Bachelor degree in Naturopathy as well.

Her father, Bob, with a background in biology and anatomy, also works in the business and has a strong following with the customers for his in-depth understanding of the systems, sensible and “old school” approach to nutrition and wellbeing. There is also a naturopath on staff.

The team believes in starting with a good, quality diet, appropriate to the individual, a balanced lifestyle, and supplementing as needed. 

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